Friday, October 19, 2007

Democrats "Rush" to condemn

Rush turns the tables on the Democrats Attack

What a great country. The Democrats tried to use the power of congress to get a private citizen fired. What was outrageous is that they lied about the facts to further their effort to shut down talk radio. But the letter they wrote to Rush's boss came back to haunt them as Rush put it on eBay and raised 2.1 M (an amount that Rush is matching) to support the children of Marines and fallen law enforcement officers.

It certainly raises the eyebrow to see how many people are willing to sign a letter accusing Rush without really verifying the accusation. It certainly lends credibility to the perception that many acts of congress are only to scratch each other's back. As long as their pet project is being taken care of, then they really don't care what the rest of the legislation actually states.

Of course, the one blessing of Congress attacking Rush is that they temporarily stopped writing laws that hurt the middle class.

Wouldn't it be great if we could actually throw all of the rascals out!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cooties to cheerlessness and the power to love

There was a beer commercial running on TV several months ago where a fellow was asked what three items he would want if stranded on a desert island. He quickly responded with one, a life time supply of beer and then two beautiful women. He began to fantasize about sitting in a chair with unlimited beer and two gorgeous women. But, very quickly, the two women started yammering at him about his shortcomings. He shook his head vigorously to escape the fantasy. The revised fantasy then had the same lifetime supply of beer, but one woman was replaced with steaks on an outdoor grill and the second woman was replaced by man's best friend, a dog!

It sort of made me think about the transition from avoiding girls because they had "cooties" to the realization that a yammering wife brings a cheerless life. What were we thinking of during the transition? Again, this made me think about the man who went into the emergency room with cactus needles embedded all over his back including his buttocks. He told the physician that he had gone into the desert, taken off all of his clothes and backed into a large cactus. The physician asked incredulously: "Why?" The response was: "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!" Yep, getting married seemed like a good idea at the time.

Perhaps, for many, the power to love never took root in their young life and the pull of the hormones blinded them to the cooties and the cheerlessness. Anyway we can always commiserate, create cartoons, chug coors, cook cheesburgers and caress our collie.

I think I now know why beer and pubs were invented.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Attacks based on distorted facts and our freedom

The latest character attack without facts to support it is the attack by Harry Reid on Rush Limbaugh. I think it is time for Americans to take notice of the danger of big government when it sets its sights on private citizens. We are slowly loosing our freedoms when we let government decide on what foods we can eat, where smoking is permitted and just lately about not permitting judges to provide just sentences. When the people determining laws are remote from those who must obey the laws, then it is likely the laws will cause more harm than if the laws were determined locally. It was never the intent of the founding fathers for the federal government to be as intrusive as it is becoming. We need to worry about what is being created.